Practice Areas


Medical Malpractice Defense

Oium Reyen & Pryor aggressively represents physicians against claims of medical negligence.  With over five decades of collective experience, we have obtained jury verdicts, dismissals, and favorable settlements for physicians in both trial and appellate courts throughout California. Oium Reyen & Pryor is committed to ensuring our clients are kept informed and involved throughout the litigation process.

Medical Board Defense

Healthcare Professionals:  When the Medical Board of California requests a copy of a patient’s records, calls you in for an interview, or (worse) brings charges against your license, you need an attorney with the experience and skill to guide you through the process.  The attorneys at Oium Reyen & Pryor are committed to aggressively protecting your license and your reputation.

Hospital Defense

Oium Reyen & Pryor’s health law specialists aggressively defend hospitals, nurses, and hospital employees against professional liability actions.  Our attorneys also bring broad experience counseling hospital administrators, professional medical groups, hospital medical staffs, and entities involved in credentialing, peer review, medical board and regulatory requirements relating to provision of health care services.  Litigation experience informs our ability to advise hospital clients, as our team of attorneys have proven experience defending hospitals against varied claims of nursing negligence, inadequate staffing, elder abuse, Elam claims, and alleged violations of HIPAA and EMTALA, to name a few.

Premises Liability

Oium Reyen & Pryor has a long history of obtaining favorable results on behalf of property owners and property managers.  Whether the case involves a simple slip and fall injury, includes complex allegations of negligence, habitability claims, landlord-tenant claims, or violations of the California Civil Code, our diversity of experience provides owners and managers with confidence that their interests will be aggressively defended.

Asbestos and Other Environmental Torts

Oium Reyen & Pryor defends manufacturers, contractors and commercial, industrial and residential property owners in claims involving exposure to asbestos or other toxic substances.  We have an outstanding record of success, achieving both defense verdicts and favorable pretrial resolution of these claims.

We have defended asbestos claims for the past four decades.  We are not afraid to take these cases to trial, and have consistently demonstrated they can be won.  We have also successfully defended other toxic exposure claims, including exposures to benzene, toluene and other industrial chemicals, and groundwater contamination.

Our environmental torts practice also extends to lawsuits against property owners involving claims of mold, leaks, and infestations of bedbugs and other insects.  We partner with a wide spectrum of expert consultants to address the unique challenges of each case.  Our success in defending all types of environmental tort claims involves a combination of outside of the box thinking and aggressive litigation strategy.

Mediation Services

With over 30 years of civil litigation and trial experience, Mr. Oium has settled and resolved thousands of disparate cases.  To do so successfully, he has had to quickly and efficiently analyze the facts, assess the benefits and risks of each case, determine a reasonable value for the case, and persuade the other side to accept that evaluation.  As a mediator, Mr. Oium is able to bring those skills to the table to help resolve cases at an early stage.


Products Liability

With over 50 combined years of experience, the partners at Oium Reyen & Pryor have defended hundreds of products liability cases with an exceptional success rate. Our  experience includes claims involving backhoes, tractors, cotton pickers, seat belt systems, washing machines, TVs, elevators, escalators, brake systems, garage door operators, microwave emitting traffic radar devices, organic and inorganic chemicals, solvents, TDI, DBCP, benzene, benzidine, and PVC pipe systems.

We know what it takes to defend difficult product liability cases;  knowledge of the product, how it was designed, and its operating environment.  We will meet with engineers, talk to product managers and end users to develop a complete understanding of the product.  Armed with both product knowledge and decades of successful trial experience, Oium Reyen & Pryor provides manufacturers with an outstanding defense.

Elevator & Escalator

Oium Reyen & Pryor represents a major elevator and escalator maintenance company and commercial property owners in matters involving elevator and escalator equipment.  These cases involve complex mechanical and legal issues.  The attorneys at Oium Reyen & Pryor understand the mechanisms, safety devices, maintenance requirements, as well as the statutes and legal doctrines which apply to this equipment.  This knowledge leads to exceptional results for our clients.


Transportation and Trucking Industry

With several decades of experience defending multinational trucking companies, Oium Reyen & Pryor’s litigation team has earned a reputation for effective defense of transportation claims.  From products liability, negligent hiring, or negligent operation, our team aggressively protects our clients from pre-litigation investigation to trial.  We have successfully defended high exposure personal injury claims, including cases with pedestrians, cyclists, and multi-vehicle collisions.  Our attorneys draw on state-of-the art technology and a pool of skilled experts to prevent and resolve litigation across the State of California.

Risk Management

Oium Reyen & Pryor believes that health care providers should be guided by the old adage:  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” To assist our clients in avoiding litigation, Oium Reyen & Pryor provides 24/7 risk management advice for health care professionals in a broad array of matters, including representation at deposition and trial, guidance on responding to requests for medical records and pre-litigation complaints by patients and others.  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its California counterpart present pitfalls for health care providers; Oium Reyen & Pryor helps medical professionals comply with these laws and successfully avoid claims.

Will and Trust Litigation

In association with the Law Offices of Edward Winslow, a tax, trust and estate attorney with over 30 years of experience, Oium Reyen & Pryor assists beneficiaries and trustees in will and trust litigation.  Oium Reyen & Pryor has successfully defended beneficiaries in a variety of will and trust claims and has been able to preserve estate assets with its aggressive and thorough investigation and litigation strategy.